Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tyron XXXposed

Isa siyang bayaran sa PlanetRomeo...sinubukan ko kunin yung info niya like number at kung magkano siya...kaso di daw pwede and bata..sayang naman muka pa naman siyang masarap...tignan niyo,....hehehehe

ohhh laaaah laaahhhh!!!!!!!!

Monday, 21 March 2011


si kuya ay medyo banlag/dulink/dukling pero aminin niyo naman....siya ay may dating....ito try mo...masarap kaya....waheheheheheh

City - R.Papa Caloocan Near LRT 1
Area - Manila
Stats - 25.174cm.57kg - 5'9".125lbs
Body & Ethnics -  Slim & Asian

if they don't know hoe to value you, let them go its better to lose them than to feel STUPID all the time..

I am not perfect.
I live on the planet Earth where humans live. Humans aren't perfect. Never have been. Never will be. So I don't always wear the right clothes. And I don't always use the right shoes. My memory sometimes fails me. I don't look like a fashion model. I don't cook like a French chef. I don't always do what people expect of me. I am human. I am imperfect. But there is no one else like me in this whole wide world. I am unique. I am a miracle.

the perfect person is not the one who dose everything perfect...
its the one that doesn't care how perfect they are.. this is me. 

(...winner na winner ang intro ni kuya beki...'' I am unique. I am a miracle.'' very beauty pageant ang eksenabells! phak na phak! )

...eto pa mga pix niya...yung iba medyo malalaswa na kaya di ko na nilagay kasi di naman to porn site....hehehehe


...eto yung isa sa mga pinakamalaksa ang dating na beki na nakita ko sa planetromeo...kilalanin natin ang hot na hot na si EasyBurden.

City - Makati
Area - Manila
Stats - 27.179cm.72kg - 5'10".158lbs
Looking for - sexdate, friends, Relationship

Do not get offended if I don't respond. If I message you and you don't respond to me, I'd take it as a pretty obvious clue. Different things float our boats. Different things can make me painfully stiff and hard too--like a fit, smart, goodlooking gentleman who can give great head. I hope it's you.

I will never meet anyone without first seeing what they look like in a good clear photo (or we can check each other out on cam). So let's not waste our time; I'm not an advocate of building any sort of friendship online. But I can help make our post-beer harutan worthwhile. Pix, cam and chat are great but nothing beats the real thing. naniniwala na kayo sa akin? kung hindi eto oh tignan niyo pa iba niyang pix...

sa fitness first nag wowork out si kuya beks...   
ewan ko na lang kung ayaw mo pa ring maniwala sa akin niyan...

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Maniwala ka nakacapslock talaga ang usename ni kuya badeth....presenting TARUGO_69!


City- Makati
Area - Manila
Stats -  29.180cm.45kg - 5'11".99lbs
 ehemmm kayo huMusGa... basta ako masarap sa lahat-lahat
(antaray ng description sa sarili parang new lucky me nam nam lang kung makapagpromote ng kasarapan....wahahahahha

check nga natin kung totoo ang claim niya...kayo na ang humusga...

game husgahan ni si ate!


para sa unang saltada ng pinoy planet romeo...isang blog na sadyang nigawa para tulungan ang mga murat na malaman kung tama ang kanilang ang jowa nila ay beki...

lalaking lalake...
pero member ng planet romeo...waheheheheheheh eto yung profile ni kuya heheheh

Username- haciendero
City - Ortigas
Area - Manila
Stats - 26.175cm.75kg - 5'9".165lbs
Looking for sexdate, friends, Relationship
(Users between 28 and 50)
Fetish - Underwear, Uniform, Formal dress, Jeans

- I’m a Type A person… have very high-standards, “maarte” in a way and very straightforward yet optimistic, but note that in spite of my these attributes I remain “s-i-m-p-le” (I really do), I hate unnecessary things.

- I’m currently practicing my strengths in Life-Coaching, I love listening to other people’s concern(s) about life and giving them my so-called infinite-wisdom (hahaha!).

- Dance is my life… I do contemporary, jazz, ballroom (forte: salsa and samba), ballet (currently in training) and lyrical/slow hip-hop.

- Gymnastic is my soul… when I was young I love to work in Circus (Cirque du Soleil) or at least a spot in Olympics or SEA Games, I’m a frustrated gymnast so right now I’m trying to equip myself with different routines which will showcase my strengths on this field.

- I love sports that require speed and dynamic body strength. I’m currently looking forward to learn parkour and capoeira.

- I’m a geek by nature… clever, very territorial and tend to absorb everything within my perimeter. I love my “photographic” skills. And people say that I walk too fast...

- I love to cook and prepare different set of meals, since I live alone I need to do these kind of stuffs by myself. I love trying different kinds of foods (except Japanese or any raw foods), chocolates or any pastries. Eating is one of my passions; I eat everything I want (It’s good to have fast metabolism).

- I love sleeping… I can sleep 16hrs straight without any cuts.

- I’m a very private person, honest (well most of the time) and loyal. On the other hand I also have irrational “mood-swings” and I'm (very) hard-headed.

- I’m aggressive in life, new people find me intimidating (antipatico) but sooner they tend realize that I’m just doing what I have to do.

(ingles inlesan talaga ang poging bex na ito heheheheh winner ka jan te!)

oh di ba ganda ganda ng katawan...kawafu...mahilig din pala sa wafu...
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